Leticia Ras Anderica Goes Pro

Former pupil of the Christey-Clover Golf Academy, Leticia Ras Anderica, is making excellent progress in her first few years on the Ladies Professional Tour. 

Letica joined the CCGA in Spain at the age of 9. Attending weekly group lessons, taking part in regular competitions and dedicated practise meant it wasn't long before her handicap came tumbling down, trophies were won and the love affair with golf truly began. 

Leticia continued her development in Spain and finally attended Miami University where she competed at the highest level. 

Leticia is making excellent progress on tour and as of 15/09/2017 she has played in 29 events, scored a career low 66, enjoyed 2 top ten finishes and has won just shy of e60,000!

 Leticia commented on her first few years with the CCGA,

"Thanks to you guys I started enjoying golf. I always looked forward to our afternoon group sessions at L'Ancora after school. During that time I really started getting competitive. I always wanted to get the player of the month award. We always had goals to work towards and this is what made us get better. Thanks to all these events you organised for us, we gained experience and became competitive. You always insisted on some key values. Honesty, Integrity, Confidence, Sportsmanship, Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy, Judgement... Once I got a little bit older I realised just how important these were. 
Whenever I feel out of swing, I will always remember the sentence you used so much with us. 'Always go back to the basics' (setup,posture,alignment and grip). Now that I am on tour, I constantly remind myself of this. 
Without the CCGA Academy I would have probably stopped playing golf and wouldn't be on tour right now. So thank you sooo much!!!"
Leticia Ras Anderica

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